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I have been working in the fitness industry since 2008. I’ve always loved being active, keeping fit and staying energized. I also have experience working with injury rehabilitation in a physiotherapy and sports medicine clinic. I have a vast knowledge of the human body and am always willing to share my knowledge with my clients to help keep them safe and reduce the risks of injury during exercise.

Certifications: CSEP – CPT, CPR-C + First Aid

Why Fitness? I love to be active. I have always enjoyed playing sports, working out or just doing any type of physical activity. Since I was young I joined in any sport or activity that I could to keep myself active and healthy. I love sharing that great feeling you get after a good workout with all my clients!

How I stay Fit: I love to play beach volleyball and go for runs with Jordan to keep myself in shape and get a wicked workout.

Favourite Body Blast exercise: Burpees!!! Burpees are such a great full body exercise that really gets your heart pumping, and those muscles working!

Why I love my Job: Getting to see that look of satisfaction on my clients’ faces after a tough workout. I love seeing that look of “Man! That was hard….but I did it…I’m FEARLESS” in my clients’ eyes.

What FEARLESS means to me: Knowing you can do anything you set your mind to!